all she cared about was the truth

Title: This Is the Thing

Artist: Fink

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"You are not only a great actress but a great person as well. I would like to thank my team & associates for the perfect job they did the past 5 days. “ (x)

"I am on the floor every day with those kids. And last night, that girl sat next to me and she cried and she tried to tell me the only way that she knew how." - Short Term 12 (2013)


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» The Art of Acting by Tatiana Maslany

Lower face: Take away all the obvious physical attributes, and you can see how she holds each character to her own even when it comes to the subtle attributes.

As Alison, she holds it firm. So much, that her very obvious chin kind of just paths itself with the rest of her jawline.
As Helena, she hold her lips a little loose, giving the movement a sort of ease.
As Sarah, the right side of her lower face is slightly crooked, making a dip right around the lips corner. Also when she talks, the left side of her lower lip juts out a bit.
As Cosima, she seems to put most of the pressure on the lower lip, and uses mostly the part under it, keeping the upper lip in place.

If you have noticed any more, do message me.

Quixotic: hopeful or romantic in a way that is not practical.

Title: Pyre

Artist: Son Lux

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It’s always been yours.

Your heart is full.