they will break no matter what we do

Your heart is full.

#lets have a quick chat about how this could easily be the end of cops and robbers (x)

"I bet no one’s basing a character in their best-selling mysteries on her."

Title: Sights

Artist: London Grammar

Played: 34349 times

Maslany’s ability to tackle that clone character as well as six others led to widespread acclaim both inside the industry (with a Golden Globe nomination) and out (with fans like the #CloneClub obsessing online over the show). But the ride is just getting started, with season 2 kicking off April 19.

Title: Comptine D'un Autre Ete

Artist: Yann Tiersen

Played: 3183 times
"This was a chance to play with someone who’s excited about features and loves filmmaking, and Bowman always pushes himself and the whole crew, and we love it. There’s nothing better than dancing in filmmaking with someone that is willing to go all in, and he’s definitely one of those creatives.” [x]